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We Believe in Quality

ProTech is dedicated to quality. We will ensure that our products and services fully meet the requirements of our customers in every situation. The goal is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction at all times. Our policy is based on the following principles:


Ensuring that our operational result is corresponding to customer requirements;


Looking at our operational activities, identifying the potential of errors and taking the necessary actions to eliminate them.


To ensure that all this is successfully implemented, employees responsible for identifying customer requirements are ensuring that the current procedures are followed to meet them. 


We will constantly review and improve our services to ensure that the operation is completed in the most cost effective way with maximal benefit to the customers.                                   

Testing and Certification of Lifting Equipment

It is of paramount importance that lifting and hoisting equipment operates safely within their designed loading criteria. Cranes, lifting and hoisting equipment must be safe, reliable and efficient at all times during their operation. Lifting and hoisting equipment are subject to local statutory accident prevention and safety regulations.


Pro Tech Engineering Solutions Ltd. provides Statutory Inspections, thorough examinations, and witnessing of performance tests of such equipment to ascertain that guaranteed performance values are met.

Repairs, Servicing and Preventive Maintenance


Pro Tech specialises in repairs and servicing of industrial lifting equipment and aviation ground support equipment. Our approach to maintenance focuses on prevention and prediction rather than on repairing when a failure has occurred.


Our Preventative Maintenance Programme aims to:


Improve efficiencies, by ensuring a maximum up-time for continuous operation.

Reduce unplanned work by identifying components which create safety and/or production consequence.

Implement a schedule of planned maintenance, tailored to fit and meet the particular equipment demands.

Advise on investments in repair or replacements.

Ensure the client maximises their return on the investment made.




Importers of Verlinde, Columbus McKinnon & Emrald

We sell and service industrial lifting and handling equipment. We support our clients' need of business continuity with an excellent after sales service. ProTech Engineering Solutions Ltd. is the local representative of highly established European brands.

Special Services

Pro Tech specialise in servicing, repairing, testing and certifying aviation ground support equipment and tooling.


We are an authorised service centre for HYDRO, Didsbury Engineering, Yale, CMCO, Chiarlone, Verlinde and Emrald.

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